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Machinery Details

Weaving Capacity Weaving Preparatory
Toyota Jat 710 – 340 cm – 146 nos. Benninger – Direct Warping – 3 nos.
Sectional Warping – 1 no.
Picanol Omniplus 2R – 340 cm – 24 nos. Benninger Sizing – 1 no.
Karl Mayer Sizing – 1 no.
Toyota Jat 710 – 190 cm – 60 nos.  


The warping section is equipped with a state-of-the-art Benninger Warping Machine which can produce up to 2 lakh metres per day. That’s 73 million metres per annum. Sectional weaving facility is also made available.


Sizing is a protective process and rightly called the heart of the weaving stage. Advanced Benninger and Karlmayer sizing machines with Pleva attachment are used in this critical stage to ensure quality demands are met. Auto-creel facilities are then used to further reinforce quality. Has the capacity to produce 2 lakh metres of sized beams per day.


Roll packing or bale packing or pallet packing is facilitated for local supply as well as export, based on the needs of the customers.


The looms section is equipped with 230 cutting-edge wider width and narrow width machines. State-of-the-art Toyota and Picanol looms with Dobby and Cam with e–shed facilities power the production of 75,000 metres per day. The facility produces an extensive count ranging from 10x10s to 100x120s and thread count ranging from 150 to 1500. The loom section is safeguarded with 24/7 online and offline quality checking to ensure flawless output.


Aside from the numerous quality checks carried out at various stages, every inch of the fabric is physically inspected before the product reaches the customers. 25 inspection machines attached with centralized exclusive software to analyze the cause of defects and take preventive action. Inspection carried out under American 4 point system (24 points per 100 linear metres) is followed and up to 1 lakh metres is inspected per day.